Website Hosting & Webservices Questionnaire

Please fill this out the best you can. Please note that we will most likely need your login information for the services/vendors in question to handle the transfer of your website (or for adding and removing services).

Web Hosting and Services Form
If known, enter here or you can look this up at
For example, Gmail, G-Suite, Outlook / Office 365, GoDaddy Free Webmail with Hosting, etc. If none, indicate none.
The company that's hosting your present website, if any. If none, write "None".
What current services or applications need to be migrated to our servers if any? In other words, what existing services would be lost if the current hosting account was shut off? For example, E-Mail, DNS, Databases, Apps, etc.
Ex: Newsletter, Social Engagement, Advertisers, Backup Services, SEO Services, etc. Explain any custom services associated with this domain or website.